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Juneteenth Initiative

Hi all,

Sarah here. I was recently inspired by Niani Tolbert's post on LinkedIn seeking help from recruiters to support resume and LinkedIn profile reviews for black women. Niani's #HIREBLACK has grown into a comprehensive initiative that continues to grow and expand; I highly recommend following. I have both volunteered and donated to support the initiative and look forward to supporting their long-term success. Like any other grassroots initiative, the #HIREBLACK team could use your support; click here to donate.

We recognize the systematic obstacles in the job market for black women and men. From unconscious and conscious bias affecting opportunities to the institutional discrimination and interpersonal prejudice that are predictors of job quality among black women and men.

CVCC will be donating one hour of our time every day from June 12 – June 19 to provide resume and LinkedIn support to any black woman or man seeking employment. We understand this is not a long-term solution to the obstacles black men and women face in the workforce but a starting point. Like other initiatives we have done, we will continue this as an annual week-long Juneteenth initiative.

Please fill out our contact form to request support, and we will reach out to schedule you.

If you are a recruiting or career professional that is willing and able to donate one hour of your time and expertise between June 12 - June 19, please message us at or comment below, and we will reach out. In one hour, we can complete up to three 20-minute resume/ LinkedIn review sessions.

All our best,

Sarah & Enrique

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