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Using the STAR Method to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

STAR stands for "Situation, Task, Action, and Result," the STAR method allows you to give a specific example, contextualize your answer, highlight the outcomes and successes while also being clear, specific, and concise.

Here are a few examples:

"Give me an example of when you worked well on a team."

S – "In my last job, I worked in customer service at a call center. The CS department was split into smaller teams of five which created silos at times."

T – Each team had daily and weekly goals set by management.

A – I took the initiative to set up weekly team meetings to learn about new product updates, increase team communication, and create momentum.

R – As a result, our CS team earned the highest Net Promoter Score for new products.

"Describe a time you delivered excellent customer service following a complaint."

S – "As a front desk agent, I had a client call complaining that she had waited more than a week for a reply from our team.

T – I needed to address the client's concerns, determine why the client was not contacted, and ensure their experience was improved.

A – First, I apologized to the client and empathized with how frustrating the situation must have been for her. After gathering all the necessary information from the customer, I informed her I would personally look into the issue.

R – I was able to determine that the contact information was incorrect on the customer's profile. Together with my manager, we called the client within the hour and offered a discount on her next order. The client continued to order from us and left positive feedback on my performance with my manager."

"Tell us about a time you identified a weakness and how you improved?"

S "My role as the project manager was to maximize the agile methodologies through the project management life cycle, including budgeting, mapping, and scrum framework.

T When I joined the team, I led the transition from Waterfall to Agile methodologies for the web development teams ."

A by facilitating increment planning sessions, implemented Asana to support transparent communication and the tracking of day-to-day activity.

R – As a result, I not only transitioned the team to agile, but we increased the team's efficiency and exceeded both budget and time OKRs."

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