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CV Career Consultants


This past winter, we were told by our legal advisors that we could not continue to operate under the name Career Vision. We took some time to think about how we can rebrand while staying true to our vision of helping people land their dream jobs and our value of putting our clients first. We came up with a long list of names, and in keeping with our client-centric nature, we let you, our clients, choose the company's new name. After weeks of voting through our social media platforms, CV Career Consultants was born.

If you didn't know, our original name was chosen as a play on of our CEO's last name, Seavey, pronounced sEa-Vey (CV). We knew we could continue to pay homage to the Seavey family and remain true to the company's core value - treat each client as if they were our own family searching for their next opportunity or dream job.

While our name has changed, our mission only grew. For the last three years, we have focused on helping our clients 1:1 with the personalized attention they deserve. As the company grew, so did our services. We still provide the same personalized 1:1 services, but we also grew into new consulting and recruiting space. No matter our name or services, we will always be dedicated to helping our clients land their dream jobs and achieve their career goals.

To those who have been while us from the beginning, we thank you for your invaluable support. To those who are just getting to know us, welcome - we are excited to have you on this journey with us.

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