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Continue Your Search: COVID-19

We find ourselves in an unprecedented time as we collectively fight the global spread of COVD-19.

The pandemic has dramatically altered daily life, and, like you, I am establishing a new reality while continuing my mission to help others advance in their careers. I know this is an uncertain time, both personally and professionally, and I am here to continue to support your career advancement efforts. This resource will review seven ways to not only continue your job search but to excel given the current job market. If you are unsure if a company is hiring, view a resource from Candor with company hiring status updated in real-time.

First and foremost, practice self-care; be patient with yourself and others. Secondly, keep applying. Now more than ever, you must take your time in quarantine to advocate for yourself, network strategically, and ensure your resume and online brand are reflective of your accomplishments.

Purposeful Research

Use this time to do a deep dive into your target companies to understand the following.

  • What are the company's mission and vision statements?

  • How has the pandemic impacted business? What are new and innovative solutions for those changes?

  • What are the goals for the next 6-12 months, the challenges, and the initiatives they’re running?

Update your Resume

Write bullet points that focus on your accomplishments rather than tasks. 

  • Structure your bullet points with Accomplishment + Action + Task. Example: Grew web-based traffic 50% by implementing SEO and monitoring Google Analytics data.

  • Quantify your achievements when possible.

  • Tailor your resume for each job. Leverage your research when tailoring your resume. Illustrate how you add value to the company.

Move Relationships Online 

Now is the time to connect to your virtual network. LinkedIn should be at the top of your list, including LinkedIn’s directories on the company or university pages. LinkedIn directories help you connect with professionals at a specific company or an alum from your alma mater.

To find the directories:

  • Search for a company or your alma mater

  • Click on the ‘People/Alumni’ tab on the left side menu.

  • Use the filters along the top of the search bar to identify professionals you want to reach out to.

Update and Engage on LinkedIn

This is your time to not only update your profile but, more importantly, to get involved. Recruiters are actively looking for candidates right now.

  • Update each position on your LinkedIn with three of your best accomplishments.

  • Review and update your heading, summary, and skills.

  • The LinkedIn algorithm is based on engagement and connections. To increase your LinkedIn profile exposure, increase your engagement by liking, commenting, sharing, and posting often.

Request a Virtual Informational Interview

Request a virtual informational interview with a leader in your ideal profession/role. Use my Improve your Outreach Message to formulate a message.

  • Remember, professionals and hiring teams are adapting to the changes in our world today. Be empathetic in your outreach message by addressing the changes occurring and how that might be impacting the individual. 

  • Use videoing technologies to connect.

  • Ask intentional questions regarding their career path and advice for both applying and working in the industry.

Professional Development Goal Setting

Complete goal setting. Use this time to reimagine what’s possible and search for some inspiration. Set professional goals with action plans to accomplish them.

  • When choosing a course or certification, review desired job descriptions to identify in-demand skillsets.

  • Many local libraries offer free virtual training programs.

  • LinkedIn Learning is currently offering free courses.

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