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How to Attract Recruiters to your LinkedIn Profile!

Do you know that more than 70% of employers look up applicants online through social and professional platforms such as LinkedIn?

5 Tips to Attract Recruiters to your LinkedIn Profile!

1. Always have the Three Cs – Complete, Current, and Concise.

Complete: Just as you wouldn’t submit an unfinished resume, your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be incomplete either. As soon as you sign up for an account, LinkedIn automatically walks you through the steps of completing your profile. Don’t skip this step!

Current: current means posting regularly, whether posting an update regarding your career, sharing links to interesting articles you’ve read, commenting and engaging with others, or publishing articles through LinkedIn. The more you engage, the more you will be seen.

Concise: You will easily lose a recruiter’s attention on a lengthy profile page, the same way you would lose their attention in a 5-page resume. Remain concise by focusing on industry requirements and outlining your top accomplishments.

2. Keywords

Recruiters can search for profiles that contain keywords and phrases. Not sure what keywords to include in your profile? Use current industry job postings as a checklist to identify in-demand skills and competencies.

3. Profile Photo

LinkedIn accounts with profile photos are 21 times more likely to be viewed, 9 times more likely to receive a connection request, and 36 times more likely to receive a message.

4. Networking

Building your network of connections is one of the most important tools on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will automatically suggest connections with similar experiences or education. Another great way to meet professionals on LinkedIn is by joining groups.

5. Your Introduction

Your introduction section should read as a value statement. To do so, focus on three concise thoughts when summarizing your experience in an introduction:

  • Who you are as a professional

  • Your area of expertise

  • The value you add to the organization

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