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4 Steps to Hear from a Hiring Manager

1. Make a list of target companies.

Be intentional with your list. What role and/or industry, work culture, location, type of company, skills, or responsibilities are you looking for in your next career?

2. Find contacts who could refer you.

Leverage your personal and professional network to form new connections. Utilize LinkedIn by searching the people tab on company pages or the alumni page on your University pages. To find the directories:

  • Search for a company or your alma mater

  • Click on the ‘People/Alumni’ tab on the left side menu.

  • Use the filters along the top of the search bar to identify professionals you want to reach out to.

3. Email/message every contact.

Direct your original outreach message about the contact, not what you need from them; read here to break down how to create an outreach message.

4. Book virtual coffee chats.

Virtual meetings are more common than ever. Do rigorous preparation and research on both the company and your contact. Prepare insightful questions that will inform your job search, illustrate your knowledge of the field, and highlight your specific interest in the company and/or role. Be sure to clarify the next steps before ending the conversation.

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