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5 Questions to Improve Your Bullet Points

Resume writing isn't always easy. If you are struggling to find a way to describe best your experience, try asking yourself these five questions:

1. Why was the task important?

What accomplishments or results are important to the reader? Did you help achieve a strategic priority? Did you hit your sales goals? How can you showcase what you are capable of moving forward?

2. What was your impact?

What were the results of your work? What are your key accomplishments? How can you illustrate your ability to perform and deliver?

3. How you achieve the outcome?

Did you collaborate across multi-disciplinary teams? Did you reach your goal 6 months before it was expected? Did you complete the work autonomously?

4. What skills did you use or develop?

How can you illustrate the skills the employer is seeking? What transferable skills make you qualified for the position? How have you further developed relevant skills?

5. Who did you work with?

Have you worked in a team? Have you worked independently? How many people have you worked with? Did you work with the CEO? Did you complete research under a known doctor in the field?

Share your specific career goals are with us, and we will create a custom plan just for you.

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