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Military: You Need LinkedIn

There are two main reasons to be on LinkedIn.

1. Network

Military branches are built on a foundation of networks. Utilizing LinkedIn will allow you to use that network and create links to other networks across the world.

People typically create LinkedIn profiles to network, job search, engage, or recruit. Therefore, LinkedIn creates a unique platform where different individuals' goals complement one another, resulting in a thriving community.

LinkedIn creates an opportunity to find people inside and outside your military network, learn about various industries, and stay informed about career opportunities for those transitioning into the civilian workforce.

2. Employers

In fact, in the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report, 87% of recruiters found LinkedIn most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process. LinkedIn is the largest online professional network surpassing 645 million members. It is vital to not only connect but to be active. With more than two million posts, videos, and articles, the algorithm filters, ranks, and displays posts in LinkedIn’s members' feeds.

  • Share content you and your connection find interesting!

  • Commenting on a post can start a conversation that leads to learning, connections, and adding value for others to connect in.

  • Write your own LinkedIn article.

  • Start a conversation with a poll.

Where do you start?

Check out this awesome Linkedin Cheat Sheet created by LeisureJobs.

Still, looking for help? Email or book a session today!

CV Career Consultants thanks military members, their families, and veterans for your service! As a small gesture of our gratitude, we provide a discount rate for all military veterans and their family members.

Contact us today for more information on our discounts.

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