• Sarah Seavey

Interview with Leyla on YouTube

Last month I had the opportunity to virtually join Leyla Khanahmad, a wonderful business owner and entrepreneur based in Chicago, to discuss questions asked by her viewers.

Thank you to Leyla Khanahmad for having me on her YouTube channel last month! To follow along with Leyla subscribe to her channel and follower her on Instagram @leylakhanahmad Here are some key questions and takeaways from the interview:

What are the top 3 principles for a good resume?

  1. Accomplishment-focused bullet points – focus less on the job tasks and more so on what you've been able to accomplish and add value. You should concisely convey how you are the best fit within a 1-2 page resume.

  2. Tailor the resume to the reader - your resume is directly responding to a job description. You will most likely end up with multiple variations of your resume, depending on the type of job.

  3. Clean formatting that is ATS friendly

What is ATS?

Read our full blog here.

How relevant is LinkedIn in terms of job search?

· LinkedIn is very relevant in terms of your job search, especially in our world today, where most of our social and professional interaction is virtual

· There are over 760 million people on LinkedIn. 87% of recruiters access LinkedIn daily.

· Most users access LinkedIn sparingly, so you only have a few minutes to make an impact.

We provide a template to use when reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn or email.

What are your tips for applying for a job in the US?

Modify your CV to be re-written in the US resume standards, including your name, phone number, email, work experience in reverse chronological order, bullet points focusing on your achievements, and your education. Do not include a photo, your complete address, or write in column format.

My second tip would be to include a cover letter (if possible). A cover letter allows you the opportunity to have a one-sided professional dialogue with the hiring managers. A cover letter will allow you to address your desire to obtain work in the US, highlight your professional skills, and outline how you will contribute to the organization's success.

My third tip is to focus on your accomplishments. The organizational culture within American companies is strongly result orientated. Focus on the results of your tasks

What are the highest paying jobs?

From 2019, the highest paying jobs were in the following categories

· Medicine (psychiatrist, OBGYN, surgeons, orthodontist, anesthesiologist, and physicians)

· Business Executives

· Pilots

· Computer and information systems